MAXIMUM: $10,000,000
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How it Works

Our HyperCore engines can launch projectiles up, down, left, and right at velocities faster than Mach 5 for applications in key industries.


We recently tested our next-gen propulsion at Spaceport America, conducting four successful launches in just two days. We delivered a prototype payload for the University of Texas and satisfied phase 1 of our NASA contract.
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Drilling, Tunneling, & Mining

We’re moving earth 5-10X faster than conventional methods at a fraction of the cost. This has led to investment from and major deals with Shell, a leading heavy equipment manufacturer and one the world’s largest mine owners.

Renewable Energy

Our ability to reach deep geothermal deposits will allow us to provide an affordable alternative to nuclear energy. Within 3-5 years, we’ll be able to build convenience store-sized modular plants that can power entire cities.

Mark Russell
CEO of HyperSciences

Led by a Master Engineer

Mark Russell is HyperSciences’ founder and CEO. He holds a Master’s degree from Stanford University in Aero and Astronautics, and was the former lead engineer for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin (an aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company).

Mark is a third-generation miner, and has operated some of the world’s largest mines and deepest-drilled holes. Mark provides both the vision and technical expertise to lead the world’s first company focused in hypervelocity technologies and applications.

Investment Highlights

We’re using hypersonics to solve large problems.

  • Awarded a NASA contract to develop a method to assist with the efficient launch of payloads into space.
  • Entered into $1M research partnership with Shell; they recently signed an additional $250K contract.